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Human Right: Rachid Nekkaz leaves Algeria with a goodbye message... Inside Prison

After years in Algeria, where the activist Rachid Nekkaz had to face prison for months, and a ban on leaving the national territory (ISTN), the last week of March , he announces his departure to Spain as a first step.

Indeed, it is in a rather moving message that Rachid Nekkaz made public his departure for Barcelona (Spain), informing that this destination is the first before being able to reach the United States where his family is waiting for him.

"The hour of departure has sounded. Without any resentment, or any revenge, or any regret, I am preparing to leave this beautiful country and this generous people, towards a land steeped in history which once saw the birth of Averroes and Ibn Arabi."

He goes on to say that "from there, I will wait, in serenity, for the arrival of the precious sesame that will allow me to cast my extinguished gaze towards the other side of the ocean…"

By also explaining that "For those who have read my last book, they will easily understand that the land of Voltaire will wait a little longer before I cross its gentle shores."

He goes on to allude to France, that "its vengeful, blind and implacable justice – strong in its colonial certainties – has still not made its mea culpa…" And that he will face it in due time. high when I have recharged my batteries a little.

Inside Prison: This is how prisoners are treated in Algeria
In this same post, Rachid Nekkaz concludes his message with a "Goodbye! "

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